It is one of the largest importers of fine ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, wood, metallic, and glass tiles all over India.

Our Tiles

We offers wide range of surfaces which includes Glass, wood, stones, porcelain, ceramic, leather, art work, metallic’s, and mosaics. Our range of luxury tiles includes full variety of formats and finishes. Constantly chasing the newest trends and styles, Sidrons lounge always offers new dramatic luxury tiles that capture the very best of current cutting-edge designs.


It has set its sight on creativity, design and innovation which makes it more exclusive. We offer unique style of tiles with a timeless charm. It showcases the very best of its collection with a contemporary yet classic style, which makes them ideal for modern or transitional interiors. .


We have sophisticated collection of luxury tiles from around the world featuring original designs and materials that integrate beautifully across each distinctive product line. All tiles are displayed in spacious, elegant room settings certain to inspire your creativity. Their lush finish and visual textures breathe life into any environment.